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Rates from 43.1% APR to 1333% APR. Minimum Loan Length is 1 month. Maximum Loan Length is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,200 borrowed for up to 75 days. Total amount repayable is: £1506. Interest charged is 0.34% per day, amounting to £306, annual interest rate of 124% (variable). Representative APR: 49.7% (variable).

Apply For Short-term loans From UK Direct Lenders

  • Online application process

    The entire application process is done online. An application form pops up on the site where you enter the relevant information, submit and we take it up from there. This scraps out the stress and queue associated with the traditional loan application procedures in banking halls.

  • Application consideration

    Once we get your application, we send your application to our large panel of lenders. A willing UK direct lender takes in your application, assesses your employment status, income equity and everything in between. Then, make a decision within a few minutes.

  • Process your money

    If your application turns out successful, expect to get your money within the same working day. We won't charge you extra for getting a fitting direct lender. No frills, No fuss, No hidden charges.

What Is A Short-term loan Direct Lender?

A short-term loan direct lender processes your details, application and disburses your short-term loan directly and without the input of any other entity. A short-term loan is designed to get you out of your financial emergencies in the short term. Since they are used to resolve emergencies, a short-term loan direct lender ensures they make their decisions and disburse quickly. Once your application is approved, you get the loan amount almost in a day since no other parties are involved or need to be consulted.

On the flip side, a loan broker connects you with a direct lender whose loan packages best fits your profile or the information entered on the application form. Its plus is that it matches you with lenders in your network who are willing to help you out of your situation, rather than wasting time searching out these lenders online. It's also your best bet if you have a less than perfect credit score.

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Do Direct Lenders Check My Credit Score?

Yes. It is required by the FCA that every direct lender goes through the credit history of prospective clients. On the surface, getting a short-term loan without a credit check may seem like the real deal. But it's not. Searching for lenders who run this kind of offer is risky as these lenders are potential loan sharks and may not be accredited or regulated by the FCA. It's best practice and required by the regulations of the FCA to go through a client's credit score before approving their loan.

Direct Lender vs Brokers, Which One Is Better?

After deciding to take a loan, you like most others may be torn between approaching a loan broker or a direct lender. Which is better? Who should you consult?

  • Time


    If time isn't on your side, a loan broker is your best bet. They'd save you the time and energy you would have otherwise used in searching out loan deals with favourable terms. A loan broker like ours simply connects you with the best lender for you from its network of trustable lenders.

  • Bad credit

    Bad credit

    If you have a bad credit, locating a willing direct lender might be a little too difficult. However, a loan broker can help you find a loan package that works perfectly for you; all under a few minutes.

  • Credit search

    Credit search

    You risk many credit searches when you check with several direct lenders. A few hard credit searches and the damage dealt to your credit score will be beyond repair. By using a broker like WeLoans, we are doing the search for you, and you will only be hard-searched by the company that considers your application, minimising the risk to your credit file.

WeLoans Connects You With UK Direct Lenders

  • Flexible payment and terms

    Flexible payment and terms

    Our partners' payment terms and conditions are flexible and accommodating. For instance, we have plans designed to ease the burden of repayment for our customers. Loanees can make instalment payments (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly). Our interest rates are also comparatively fair.

  • Quick disbursement of cash

    Quick disbursement of cash

    WeLoans ensures quick disbursement of cash. You should get access to your loans within 24 hours from when you apply. We design our application forms to extract information that will help us match you with the best-suited lender for your situation. This speeds up the decision process and the time taken to process your payments.

  • No hidden fees

    No hidden fees

    We do not charge any fee for using our service. While some loan brokers charge you for matching you with a suitable direct lender, we are proudly different. Our obligation is keeping our customers happy and we do that to the letter. Forget about paying us!

  • Helpful customer support

    Helpful customer support

    Our customer support is available round the clock. They are also very professional yet friendly enough to break down in the simplest terms possible all about the different loan packages we have in store for you.

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Do Your Direct Lenders Offer Short-term loans to People with Very Bad Credit?

Yes, our partner lenders accommodate people with poor credit scores who may have been refused loans by other direct lenders. For one reason or the other, you may have been unable to keep up with loan repayments in the past. But we are not about to leave you to carry those hefty debts alone. We are lending you a helping hand to help you cater to those debts.

We prioritise your ability to afford the loan repayment over your credit score. If your income equity and spending habits show your ability to repay as and when due, we are more than happy to consider your application even with bad credit. We in fact have partner lenders who have loan packages specially designed for people with bad credit. With the details you provide us, we'll match you with the best for you.


  • 1. Is WeLoans a Direct Lender in the UK?

    No, we are no direct lenders. We are a loan broker instead. Based on the data you enter during the application process, we match you with a lender who has a loan package designed specially for you.

  • 2. Is WeLoans Safe?

    WeLoans is an authorised and accredited loan entity under the FCA. So are the partner lenders in its network. Therefore, you can be sure you are dealing only with reliable lenders. The platform also has a 256-bit encryption protocol and SSL certificate, ensuring that all data entered into the site are safe and confidential.

  • 3. What Criteria Do I Need To Meet To Be Approved For A Loan?

    To be eligible for a payday or same day loan in the UK, you must be a resident of the country. You must also be 18 years and above as at the time of applying, be in full or part time employment, provide a legitimate debit card, and have a monthly income of about £1300 and over.

  • 4. Do Direct Lenders Keep My Information?

    Our partner lenders neither save, sell or share your data. We don't either. Every data entered into our site remains private and confidential. The information logged into our system will only guide us in matching you with one of the several lenders in our network.

  • 5. Can I Get an Alternative to Short-term loans with WeLoans?

    A definitive yes. If you are looking for a loan package with bigger loan amounts, longer repayment windows and smaller interest rates, we've got the perfect alternative. You can get more than 2000 pounds with our small personal loans, The interest rate is also smaller.

  • 6. How Do I Know If I Am Applying to a Short-term loan Direct Lender UK?

    A simple way of knowing is going through the FCA register. From the register, you can tell whether they have a lender or broker's licence. You may also go through their website. If they are a broker, it'll be clearly written on the site's home page. The same applies if they were a direct lender.

Get a Short-term loan From Direct Lender Fast With WeLoans!

With WeLoans, you can get a short-term loan from a direct lender within a day. We cater to prospective clients with poor credit scores. Apply for our loans today!

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